St. Catharines LPA Firm Jones & O’Connell LLP; Offers Wide-Ranging Expertise

If you are looking for a St. Catharines LPA firm, you don’t need to look any further than Jones & O’Connell LLP. Using a team-based model, the accounting firm is well-positioned to cover the diverse needs of Niagara Region businesses and individuals.
Jones & O’Connell LLP, focuses on financial planning and forecasting, auditing, tax planning and compliance. It offers support for both small and large businesses. Jones & O’Connell LLP’s forward-thinking approach is a great fit as our economy and tax compliance rules evolve.
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The Niagara Region is dynamic, with a strategic location between the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), the Golden Horseshoe and the US border. St. Catharines LPA firm Jones & O’Connell LLP; offers a diverse range of accounting services to individuals and businesses in this region.

Using a team-based approach, and working out of a paperless office, Jones & O’Connell LLP; is well positioned to handle financial planning and forecasting, auditing, tax planning, compliance, and credit union support.  Its client base includes both individuals, as well as unincorporated and public traded companies.

The forward-thinking firm is able to keep its clients abreast of tax compliance changes, including new changes in work from home tax deductions and changes in RRIF conversions. It can also complete work for a client selling or purchasing a business and provide financial analysis and planning for that business, going forward. 

Although based in St. Catharines, the LPA company also works throughout the GTA and Golden Horseshoe, providing both financial services and monitoring for other LPA firms.